XPP - Bat Tail

Sale price$225.00 USD
Size: 36"

Unleash your wave-riding prowess with the Custom X XPP Bat Tail board. Crafted with an Expanded Beaded Polypro Core, film High Density Surlyn bottom, and film Cellu-Cushion deck, this board offers exceptional speed and durability. Explore the stock channels, bat tail, and other features that make the XPP your ultimate companion for dominating the waves with precision and style in prone mid-wave riding.

Board Specs:

  • TEMPLATE: Prone Mid
  • CORE: Expanded Beaded Polypro Core
  • SLICK: Film High Density Surlyn Bottom
  • DECK & RAILS: Film Cellu-Cushion* 8lb #3/16”
  • STRINGER: 1 Stringer
  • CHANNELS: Stock Channels
  • TAIL: Bat Tail
  • Rails @ 60/40