Contour X - Bat Tail

Sale price$247.00 USD
Size: 36"

Elevate your wave-riding experience with the Custom X Contour X Bat Tail board. Crafted with an Expanded Beaded Polypro Core, film High Density Surlyn bottom, and film Cellu-Cushion deck, this board offers exceptional speed and durability. Discover the stock channels, bat tail, and other features that make the Contour X your perfect companion for achieving precise control and carving through waves with ease in prone wave-riding.

Board Specs:

  • TEMPLATE: Prone
  • CORE: Expanded Beaded Polypro
  • SLICK: Film High Density Surlyn Bottom
  • DECK & RAILS: Film Cellu-Cushion* 8lb #3/16”
  • STRINGER: 1 Stringer
  • CHANNELS: Stock Channels
  • TAIL: Bat Tail

Board Details:

  • Full Contour Deck
  • Rails @ 60/40